Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

Does a band that has released albums can participate in this competition?

Yes it can! Participation is open to the public with no age restrictions and is also open to bands, both for those who have not and have released albums/singles.

Is it allowed to change band members during the competition?
Does an uploaded videos can be reclaimed by the participants?
How and where is the announcement of the selection results announced?
If the participant going through the semifinal is it free to take traditional songs?
What are the assessment criteria in this competition?
Is it allowed for band participants who have won a similar competition to participate in this competition?
If we become a finalist, can we submit our own work that has previously been entered in other competitions?
When is the deadline for videos uploading for each stage?
If come out as a winner when will the winning prize be given?
Where should I go to find out more about the TP Jazz International Competition?